Moyer Mechanical Contractors


We, at Moyer Mechanical Contractors, know that each and every job has a measure of success based on our customer's expectations and the guidelines of the project. We aim to surpass the expectation of our clients simply by meeting our own standards. Through quality control, effective time management and a successful safety program, Moyer Mechanical Contractors will continue to produce outstanding results, one project after the other.

Time Management

Time is money. It's a simple concept that every business follows. Every project that Moyer Mechanical is assigned to, however large or small, has a profitable completion time that must be met or exceeded. To ensure that every project complies with its due date, Moyer Mechanical will plan and maintain control over the amount of time spent on each specific activity within the project scope, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Our management techniques include:

  • Planning
  • Allocating
  • Setting Goals
  • Delegation
  • Analysis of time spent
  • Monitoring
  • Organizing
  • Scheduling
  • Prioritizing


Along with managing every project for efficiency, Moyer Mechanical emphasizes the complete safety of all its employees and a safe workplace environment. Our professional management team guides all of our employees in following safe work practices and meeting environmental rules and regulations. The overall health and welfare of every on-site worker is of the utmost importance. Moyer Mechanical will format a site-specific plan, identifying and addressing all hazardous tasks associated with the site. Using past experiences and safety training, we will be able to ensure success through any obstacle that arises on-site.


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